What is the Size of Wall Panels for a Bathroom?
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What is the Size of Wall Panels for a Bathroom?

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, nothing beats a good wall panel. Apart from coming in a wide range of styles, bathroom wall panels are extremely convenient. Why? It’s simple. Unlike tiles, bathroom wall panels are completely hardwearing and waterproof – making them extremely durable. On top of that, wall panels are much bigger than tiles, meaning there’s barely any need for grouting and can be installed without help from a professional.

It’s no wonder so many people are choosing to install bathroom wall panels instead of tiles. But with so many styles and sizes available, it can be hard to choose the perfect wall panel. And because bathroom wall panels come in kits, figuring out how many pieces you need to cover all your bathroom walls can seem like a tricky task.

But don’t despair – we’re here to help. At Igloo Surfaces, we have put together a helpful guide to the different sizes of bathroom wall panels.

Standard bathroom wall panels

We’ll start with the basics. Most bathroom wall panels in the UK measure 2,400mm long x 1,000mm wide x 10mm thick. It’s fairly easy to calculate how many panels you need to cover your bathroom wall. Once you have measured your wall, all you have to do is to divide its width by the width of your panels.

To give you a general idea, the average ceiling height for a home in the UK is 240cm – about 7.87ft long. That being said, some modern homes have slightly lower ceilings. Whatever the case, it’s relatively easy to cut your panels to size – take a look at our guide.

2,400mm x 1,000mm x 10mm is the standard size that you’ll find in most brick-and-mortar retailers in the UK. However, that’s not to say that it’s the only one – nor that it’s the right size for every bathroom. Let’s have a look at a few more…

Thinner bathroom wall panels

Some homeowners prefer to go with thin bathroom wall panels instead of the standard size. There is a simple reason why – they maximise space. Easier to cut and fit than the average wall panel, thinner wall panels can be joined like a jigsaw. But be careful. Because they are around four times thinner than the average wall panel, thin panels aren’t hollow. This means that you can’t just fit them like tongue and groove panels. With this kind of panel, you need to apply seal tape around the edge of each panel. Not only will this ensure a smoother finish, but it will make your bathroom wall a lot safer.

Usually, thinner bathroom wall panels are 2.5mm thick, such as the oasis panel or a Statue of Liberty scene panel. They are often longer and wider than the standard panels as well. A standard thin bathroom wall panel is 2,400mm long x 1,220mm wide x 2.5mm thick. They can come individually or in kits of two or more. Due to their lightness, they are very easy to install and can be fitted vertically or horizontally.

Wider bathroom wall panels

Wider bathroom wall panels are currently in vogue for use in shower cubicles because they provide an added layer of insulation and offer further protection from penetration of moisture. Apart from that, wider panels provide greater coverage – and in turn a more seamless finish.

The average size of a wider bathroom wall panel is 2,500mm x 1,220mm x 2.5mm. Like their thinner counterpart, these bathroom panels cannot be fitted with a tongue and groove system – meaning you will have to apply seal tape.

But don’t worry – that’s not to say that they’re hard to install. In fact, you can purchase your panel as part of a shower kit that includes all the materials you need for the installation. Even if you’re not a DIY expert, you’ll be able to install these panels in a jiffy.

Longer wall panels

If your home has a higher ceiling, don’t worry. You can still purchase a bathroom wall panel that covers every single centimetre of your bathroom wall. These panels are slightly longer and thinner than the average size. They measure 2,650mm x 250mm x 8mm. Usually sold in packs of four, their design is evenly spread across every panel for a better end result. They also feature a tongue and groove system, meaning they’re extremely easy to apply.

When it comes to longer wall panels, one of the most popular options is a tile effect. As their name suggests, tile effect wall panels imitate the feeling of bathroom tiles – but with all the advantages of a panel. That means that they’re as durable, leakproof and waterproof as any other kind of wall panel. They just happen to look like tiles!

If this kind of panel tickles your fancy, we’d suggest the Carrara Decor Tile Effect Panel. Its classic style goes particularly well with vintage bathroom décor, which is very much in vogue at the moment. And if you’re after something a bit more modern, try the Graphite Small Tile Effect Panels. It will make your bathroom look like it’s been taken brick by brick from a Hilton suite.

Start upgrading your home today

Do you want to have a mould-free, durable bathroom? All you need to do is install some PVC bathroom wall panels. Unlike tiles, they’re waterproof, durable, cost-effective and extremely easy to clean. Even better, they come in many different sizes. At Igloo Surfaces, we’ve got a wide range of PVC bathroom wall panels that will immediately upscale your bathroom décor.

Don’t worry if you’re no DIY expert. You can purchase our panels as part of a kit that comes with everything you need for an easy installation. Want a helping hand to guide you through the installation process? You can call our team for advice on 01709 329117 or email [email protected]. We’re more than happy to help!

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