Bathroom Wall Panels

Our bathroom wall panels offer an economical, hard-wearing and modern alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. They are ideally suited to shower cubicles, bath surrounds, wet rooms or a bathroom feature wall. If required, you can even fit them over existing tiles to save you time and hassle.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, our shower and bathroom wall panels will complement any interior decor and style. They are quick and easy to fit, 100% waterproof and easy to clean.

Our bathroom wall panels can be ordered individually and are also available in our handy 'all in one' shower kits that include everything you need for a 2 or 3 wall shower.

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Bathroom Wall Panel FAQ’s

Read answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently about bathroom wall panels.

Should the bathroom wall panels be fitted by a professional?

The great thing about our bathroom wall panels is that that are relatively easy to install meaning the average DIYer will be able to install wall panelling themselves. Our handy installation videos and installation guide will take you through the process step by step.

How do I clean my bathroom wall panels?

Our bathroom wall panels are easy to clean with soapy water and a soft lint-free cloth. We recommend that you avoid using bathroom or kitchen cleaners as these can be abrasive.

Are the wall panels fully waterproof?

Yes our wall panels are fully waterproof and come with a 10-15 year guarantee depending on the wall panel you choose. To create a water-tight seal, we recommend applying a small amount of silicone between each panel and adding a cladseal strip around your bath or shower.

Are bathroom wall panels panels a good alternative to tiles?

Our panels are lightweight but tough, making them ideal for use in bathrooms. As they’re fully waterproof, they make a great cost-effective alternative to tiles.

Can I cut the bath wall panels to size?

Yes, you can cut the bathroom wall panels to size with a fine-toothed hand saw or jigsaw.

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