Where can I use your cladding?

Although most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, PVC cladding or wall panels can be used in any room of your home.

How many panels or cladding sheets do I need?

To calculate the amount of panels required, measure the width of the area you need to cover and divide by the width of the panels you are using. For example if the width of the area is 2.5m and you are using a standard width panel of 250mm then 10 panels are required.

How do I fix the panels/cladding?

The panels are best fitted/adhered to prepared walls (if the walls are newly plastered you are best to apply PVA to seal the the plaster so that the glue/adhesive is not absorbed by the plaster resulting in the panels/sheets to come off of the wall), apply good quality adhesive like Igloo adhesive tubs/tubes, to the back of the panel/sheet and apply to the wall ensuring it is level and straight.

You must ensure that the adhesive is evenly distributed as per our video and not ‘dot and dab’ to ensure the panels are securely adhered. Please ensure that your room is dry, clean and absolutely no humidity. The curing time for the adhesive is 48 hours. For more guidance and advice visit our YouTube page for helpful videos or see our installation sheet.

Can the panels/sheets be fitted over tiles?

Yes they can be fitted over tiles, however you must ensure that there are no loose tiles and you must ensure a secure and even surface for the panels/sheets to be fitted to. We also recommend that you use silicone as well as tube glue as the glue may take longer to dry on tiles.

Are the panels water tight?

The panels are ideal for use in wet areas, however we do recommend using a thin bead of silicone between each panel or trim (dependent on the panel that you purchase) to ensure a water tight seal. The 10mm wall panels are of a tongue and groove system and the PVC panels will need a trim to interlock them together. We also advise that a cladseal strip is used around a bath or shower.

How much adhesive do I need?

Obviously this depends on the size of the sheet but as a guideline we recommend that you use 1 tub or 2 tubes of adhesive per panel to ensure a secure attachment to the wall.

Do I need to prepare my walls?

Always ensure that when applying to a bare plastered, plywood, newly plastered or plasterboard wall that the wall is sealed with PVA glue to ensure that the adhesive adheres to the substrate. Please ensure that your room is dry, clean and absolutely no humidity. The curing time for the adhesive is 48 hours.

How do I cut the panels/sheets?

Using a fine toothed hand saw or jigsaw.

Can the panels/sheets be used in a kitchen?

They can be used in a kitchen, however if installed above a hob we recommend installing either a heat resistant splashback glass over the sheets or stainless steel cladding sheet as the sheets are only fire resistant to a certain temperature.

Can spotlights be fitted into the ceiling panels?

Spotlights can be fitted into the panels. Any lights used must be fitted using low voltage transformers, low wattage bulbs or LED’s.

How are the panels cleaned?

The panels are easy to maintain using a soft lint free cloth and soapy water. Do not use any bathroom/kitchen cleaners or abrasive materials.

Can I stick suction bathroom accessories to my shower panels?

We advise not using any sort of suction bathroom accessories on our panels as these may cause a discolouration, use of these will be at own risk.

What are your delivery options?

We offer several delivery options to mainland UK only.

If your order is over £100 delivery is £15, once the order has been received will take between 3 to 7 days for delivery.

If order is under £100 you will be charged our standard delivery charge which, once the order has been received will take between 3 to 7 days for delivery and you will be notified of the charge before you checkout and pay for the goods.

In all the above, the delivery options will be given when you proceed through the checkout before payment.

How many samples can I request?

Up to 4 sample colours are available to any one customer. They will cost £1 for 4, which in turn will give you £5 off voucher code off your first order.

Can I clad behind my hob?

We do not recommend that you use our wall panels behind your hob or live flame, however if you do we strongly advise that you install heat resistant glass over the panels or buy and install a stainless steel sheet.

Do you charge VAT on top of the online prices?

No, all our prices include VAT.

Can I book installation before I receive my order?

We strongly recommend that all customers receive their delivery date at a minimum prior to organising installation. Igloo Surfaces do not accept responsibility for any delivery delays caused by the courier.
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