Want flooring that has the characteristics of wood but without the maintenance? Wood-look vinyl flooring is the perfect interior addition.

The texture and features of wood make it a material that will never go out of fashion in homes. However, all that beauty comes at a cost. Hardwood flooring not only needs different treatment and care over time, but the initial investment and installation could also set you back thousands.

Fortunately, a high-quality and affordable option combines the best of both worlds – vinyl flooring.

What is wood-look vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is made from synthetic materials and is constructed in layers to offer a hard-wearing option for many rooms in the house. The wood effect on the surface of each plank is created using PVC vinyl and gives realistic features of the real thing. With no wood in sight, the cost is more affordable than traditional options.

It’s not just cost that makes this an appealing alternative to hardwood flooring. Check out some of the other benefits of wood-look vinyl flooring below:

The benefits of wood-look vinyl flooring

Comfortable underfoot

The composition of vinyl flooring gives it a softer feel compared to hardwood. In addition, many designs have an extra layer of cushioning, which is comfortable to walk on. Plus, you’re less likely to feel the cold in comparison to tiles or ceramic flooring.


Wood-look vinyl flooring is crafted to last for many years. The design and materials reduce stains, scratches and can handle everyday wear and tear. At Igloo Surfaces, our range of vinyl flooring also has a 10-year guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.

Easy to install

Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest options to install in your home. It sits perfectly over concrete, plywood or hardwood, and many products fit together with a tongue and groove system. This connection ensures a secure join and offers an easy way to replace panels if required. In addition, panels are easy to cut to size, and you don’t even need adhesive to secure them in place!

The easy install system gives you the chance to do it yourself to save some cash. Or hire the professionals to take on the work for a quick and hassle-free project.


Let’s face it, accidents happen, and spillages are inevitable in high traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. The beauty of wood-look vinyl flooring is it’s made from waterproof materials. This means those splashes from the bathtub or moisture after a hot shower can be quickly wiped away. Its waterproof features also make it an ideal material for hallways and entrances.


Many falls happen in bathrooms and kitchens due to slippery surfaces. However, the beauty of vinyl is its high slip resistance. The texture provides a natural grip compared to other materials to reduce the risk of slips in the home.

Easy to maintain

Many people want hassle-free flooring in the home. But like the option of on-trend interior style too. With wood-look vinyl flooring, you get both. Vinyl flooring is simple to care for and doesn’t need hours of revarnishing, cleaning or refinishing to look great.

Vinyl flooring takes the hard work out of cleaning. The material is resistant to stains and scuffs, so a quick spritz and mop should do the trick. Always opt for cleaners designed for the material to ensure the vinyl stays in the best condition. Anything else will degrade the appearance of the vinyl over time.

Realistic wood look

One of the most significant ways wood-look vinyl flooring appeals is the range of wood styles you can choose from. The selection is vast. Plus, the colour choice allows you to complement the traditional and contemporary interior design.

The Simplex range at Igloo Surfaces showcases some of the favourites in wood-look flooring. Examples such as Antique White Ash and Firenze offer a light option perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. In comparison, Natural and Vintage Oak are classics for living and dining areas.


A top consideration for any renovation project is how much flooring will cost. The assortment of materials on the market gives you everything from higher investment designs to budget-friendly options. Fortunately, vinyl flooring is the latter. However, don’t be put off by the affordability as the quality speaks for itself.

The above features of wood-look vinyl flooring create one of the most economical flooring options. The cost per square metre is significantly lower than other materials such as wood, stone and ceramic. If you decide to DIY, then the cost savings are even better.

Stylish and affordable wood-look flooring

Flooring is one of the biggest decisions to make when tackling a renovation project. While the material is essential to get right for your lifestyle, there’s also style and colour to consider.

That’s why wood-look vinyl flooring is one of the most popular options. It gives you everything from durability to stain resistance and doesn’t break the bank. Plus, there’s a host of realistic wood effect designs such as oak and ash to choose from.

Alongside wood-look styles, we have slate and sparkle finishes that complement bathroom and kitchen interior design. The Simplex range comes with a 10-year guarantee and is easy to replace if required. Plus, the tongue and groove system is simple to install, so it’s perfect for those DIY projects.

Want to check out the range before deciding? Order samples to see how the quality and designs match your interior spaces. With eight panels per pack, you can work out the exact amount you’ll need to complete each room with ease. That will also help to save money and cut back on wastage.

If you’re eager to start planning your flooring project, check out our wood-look vinyl flooring collection to get the ball rolling.

Want to create a style statement behind your sink and worktops but fed up with the cleaning and maintenance of tiling? You’re in luck – there are some great alternatives out there!

Installing a kitchen splashback panel is essential unless you want bolognese sauce on your freshly painted walls. But how do you make sure you’re buying the best option for usability and style?

Igloo Surfaces has you covered. Below are our top tips to consider when buying a kitchen splashback, so you capture that visual appeal and don’t have to spend hours cleaning it.

1. Consider your budget

While kitchen splashback panels don’t cover a vast area of the room, there are different materials to consider, which can bump up the cost. Compare the options available and think about durability, maintenance, and how easy they are to clean. Also, remember cheaper is not always better value.

2. Colour and aesthetic

Everyone has good intentions of making decisions based on functionality. But we all know that the way things look can win us over. That’s why the appearance of kitchen splashback panels important in interior design. Fortunately, there are plenty of colours and textures to choose from.

One of our most popular customers buys is PVC kitchen panels, and it’s not hard to see why. The vast selection of colours is ideal whether you want something bright or a subtle shade. Plus, the smooth and sleek finish is stylish and perfect for any kitchen space.

3. Waterproof

Unless you want your splashback peeling off the wall at the slightest hint of moisture, choosing a waterproof splashback is a must. Choose a material that is 100% waterproof and try to opt for a seamless panel or as few seams as possible to minimise dirt and moisture getting trapped. Many kitchen splashbacks are easy to cut to size to achieve a smooth and consistent finish.

4. Easy to install

If you’ve ever tackled the job of tiling a wall, you’ll know the mess it leaves behind. Instead, choose kitchen splashback material that is easy to install, such as PVC. If you’re feeling creative, there are several DIY guides for preparing the wall and installing panels. However, professionals will have it up in no time for peace of mind.

Check out our wall panel installation guide if you need assistance with installation.

5. Reflective

It’s surprising how much light bounces around a room if you opt for reflective kitchen splashback panels. To achieve this, choose materials such as glass, steel or PVC, which have a naturally glossy texture. This is particularly useful if you have darker tones in your kitchen area, as your splashback will offer a more spacious and brighter vibe.

6. Easy to clean

Naturally, kitchen splashback panels will see everything from oils, grease, moisture and plenty of food splatters while you’re whipping up your favourite meals. However, there’s nothing worse than the clean up afterwards.

To make light work of cleaning, choose an easy-clean splashback material like PVC. The smooth and moisture-resistant finish minimises smears while dirt and grime slide off with ease.

7. Pre-cut or made-to-measure?

Some kitchen splashback panels can be made to measure to get the exact fit. However, more affordable options are available in large panels to cut and fit in place.

Our kitchen panels are 2400mm x 1220 mm, which is perfect for fitting in a range of areas. Buying longer panels also reduces the need for joins in the material. This leaves with a smooth and consistent finish throughout.

8. Durability

If you’re renovating your kitchen, you want a splashback that lasts for a good few years. So choose tough materials to withstand knocks, moisture, and scratches. Options such as PVC, stainless steel and acrylic are hard-wearing. However, while toughened glass is still strong, it may crack under heavy impact.

Can I repair or replace a splashback?

So you’ve scratched your lovely new kitchen splashback panel. What can you do? Depending on the material, minor marks could be repaired and resealed. However, in some cases, a replacement is needed. Choosing an affordable splashback material makes this process super straightforward. You can order a direct replacement and install it with ease. Voila!

Choose a PVC kitchen splashback at Igloo Surfaces

Kitchen splashbacks are just one of the many pieces of your kitchen interior puzzle, so it’s vital to make the best choice. A perfect option for this room is PVC, and at Igloo Surfaces, we have a wide selection of options available.

PVC panels have all the important features listed above. They’re hard-wearing, 100% waterproof, easy to clean and easy to install – not to mention stylish. Want something long-lasting too? Our range of PVC kitchen splashback panels come with a 20-year product guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.

We understand the kitchen is the hub of the house, and choosing the right design and materials is key to achieving the perfect cooking and entertaining spot. To help you make the right choice, why not order samples in different colours to experience the quality and durability first-hand.

Once you’ve picked your favourite, just add it to your basket and get your panels in a jiffy with fast UK shipping. They’re simple to install, plus we have handy guides to assist the process. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our full range of kitchen splashback panels to create a stylish and functional kitchen space, all for an affordable price.

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, the choice of tiles and interior features can be overwhelming.

There are all sorts of things to consider. Are bathroom tiles easy to clean? Is vinyl flooring hard wearing? What colours are available? These are just a few of the common questions that spring to mind when renovating.

Thankfully, we’re on hand to help you get the right look and functionality for the space. Check out our top tips on how to choose tiles and more for your bathroom.

How to choose tiles for your bathroom

There is a vast range of tiles to choose from, including real stone options and artificial tiles. Here are some of the main options and their advantages.

Natural stone tiles

These tiles are crafted from natural materials, including granite, marble, limestone and slate. They offer an organic look and are a great nonslip option.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic is a popular and affordable tile for bathroom renovations. It is easy to install and comes in a variety of colours and glazes. If you love a white and glossy aesthetic, this is the perfect option for you.

Porcelain tiles

This material is denser than ceramic, which makes it more expensive. However, the properties of porcelain include increased impermeability. Plus, it’s nonslip.

Each tile type is suited to different placements around the bathroom. Discover the best options below…

Best tiles for the shower walls and vanity areas

This spot is typically for protecting the wall from moisture. So, you can get creative with your tile choice. Ceramic tiles make a top option for affordability and look.

Tiles for the bathroom floor

If you’re laying tiles on the bathroom floor, you need something durable. Porcelain and natural stone materials are ideal for this space. The beauty of choosing a natural stone is the organic texture disguises any marks or scuffs.

Top bathroom tile colours

You don’t have to stick to white for bathroom tiles. There is a wide selection of colours available, but there are a few design tips to keep in mind.

Tile sizes

Another design feature to consider is tile size. The size creates a variety of different looks in your bathroom. Tiny tiles are great for decorative areas. Whereas, flooring looks ideal with larger tiles, especially if you’re using natural stone.

The more grout lines you have, the more they can make a room appear smaller. Opt for medium-sized tiles in small- to medium-sized bathrooms to avoid this.

Tiles aren’t the only option if you’re looking for hardwearing and design-led flooring. Check out vinyl as a great alternative.

Why choose vinyl flooring for your bathroom?

Vinyl flooring is an excellent option for bathroom floors. One of the top reasons why vinyl pips tiles to the top spot is warmth – tiles can feel cold underfoot. In contrast, vinyl adds a slight cushioning and warmer feel, especially for those cold mornings.

Not only that, vinyl flooring has a whole host of benefits, including:


Vinyl is made to last and is ideal for high-traffic areas like the bathroom. It is crafted in PVC and varies in thickness to accommodate general wear and tear. Many vinyl flooring brands also offer a 10-year guarantee, so you have extra peace of mind.

Easy to clean

Keeping your bathroom hygienic is essential. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and can withstand most types of cleaners to leave your floor sparkling.

It can be used with water-based underfloor heating

If you’re looking to add extra warmth to the bathroom, vinyl is the perfect addition to underfloor heating.


Tiles can be slippery when wet, so vinyl flooring is a great alternative as it’s slightly textured.


Vinyl is made with PVC, which has a natural resistance to water. Therefore, the only areas to consider during installation are joins and seams, as this is where water can get in.


Vinyl is a more affordable option for the same surface area covered compared to tiles.

Easy to install

Different vinyl flooring has varying installation techniques. However, it is generally easier to install than other options such as tile. For example, the Simplex range at Igloo Surfaces comprises of several panels per pack, which are secured by a tongue and groove system. As a result, you don’t need any adhesive, and they’re easy to cut to size.

Available in different styles and colours

Vinyl flooring is available in a host of colours and designs. There’s everything from faux stone or wood flooring aesthetics to different colours to match your décor.

Choose the best bathroom flooring options at Igloo Surfaces

While tiles are an excellent option for bathroom floors, at Igloo Surfaces, we think vinyl is perfect for affordable and long-lasting flooring.

Our range has a fantastic selection of colours and styles, including Simplex Antique White Ash, Noir Slate and Vintage Oak, among many others. This choice is ideal for traditional style bathrooms and modern spaces.

Whether you’re taking on a complete bathroom renovation or want to switch up elements in the space, flooring is a great starting point. Choosing durable, water-resistant and stylish designs makes a big impact and takes your bathroom décor to the next level.

Still undecided whether tiled or vinyl flooring is for you? Explore our vinyl floor options and discover how this durable and stylish solution can refresh your bathroom interior.

Want to get the luxury look of marble but don’t quite have the budget to stretch to the real thing? You’re in luck! PVC marble-effect wall panels could be the answer.

It’s natural to love the beauty of marble. The patterns of the material add a grand and opulent feel to any room. However, the major disadvantage of it is cost. Whether you’re looking to kit your bathroom out in marble or create accents, it comes with a hefty investment. So, what’s the next best thing? Marble-effect panels.

While it may be the cheaper option, it comes with plenty of advantages to the real thing. Read on to find out why:

1. High-quality panels

The range of marble wall panels for bathrooms offers a high-quality alternative to natural materials. The decorative wall panels at Igloo Surfaces showcase high-performance options that are not easily damaged or stained. Plus, they come with a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

The look of marble-effect bathroom wall panels also creates a high-end look without breaking the bank.

2. Affordable alternative

Marble has a reputation for grandness and elegance. However, this also means it comes at a premium. Alongside its popularity, the process of extracting marble and the production of useable materials is also high compared to other methods. As a result, you’d be looking at thousands to decorate even the smallest of bathrooms.

In contrast, PVC marble effect panels are super affordable. This option is suitable for both large and small spaces and a range of budgets.

3. Subtle or bold marble effects

Traditional marble has beautiful natural veins, but these are unique to the material and cannot be changed. On the other hand, PVC marble wall panels are available in subtle or bolder veined examples. This way, you can create the aesthetic you want with consistency in the design.

4. Durable

Alongside being high-quality, PVC wall panels are durable and long-lasting. Once installed, they last many years and are typically backed with a guarantee. Marble, in comparison, is a reasonably soft stone, which makes it more absorbent than other natural materials. Unfortunately, this means it’s prone to blemishes and stains and can cost hundreds a year to maintain.

5. Waterproof

PVC panels are the perfect option for bathrooms as they’re waterproof. Using panels also removes the need to clean grout and mould build-up that can happen with tiles.

6. Easy to install

Whether you’re DIYing the bathroom or getting the professionals in, we all love a quick and easy install, and marble effect PVC panels are just that.

Many of the PVC panels we offer at Igloo Surfaces are created with a tongue and groove system, so they slot together easily.

7. Easy to clean and hygienic

The smooth texture of PVC panels makes them easy to clean. All you need to do is use some warm soapy water and a cloth and wipe down or scrub any hard to remove areas. As bathrooms and showers build up moisture, it’s always a great idea to use a squeegee after using the bathtub or shower. Just wipe down the panels to remove excess water and allow it to dry naturally. If you’re looking to achieve a streak-free shine, go over the panels with a microfiber cloth.

8. Improves uneven walls

Most bathrooms have slight imperfections on walls. Older homes tend to suffer more with this than modern builds. However, any home might experience uneven wall surfaces. Fortunately, PVC marble-effect panels can mask this to give a perfectly straight and even appearance.

If you have significant issues with your bathroom walls, then getting a professional to take a look is best. But, if there are only a few bumps, then some quick fixes will get your panels up and looking great.

9. Choice of colours

Choosing natural marble means you’ll have to go with the flow on colour and vein effects. However, choosing PVC wall panels gives you the luxury of more choice.

At Igloo Surfaces, we have traditional colours such as the white Carrara Marble range or grey and beige shades. But, if you’re looking for an industrial vibe, the Urban collection offers a contemporary yet rugged marble style wall effect. For the epitome of elegance, black marble is also a strong contender.

10. Ideal alternative to tiles

Tiles are a top choice for bathrooms, but they can create more hard work than needed with cleaning grout and longer installation times.

Marble effect PVC panels take the stress out of this with a simple to install system. Plus, cleaning is a breeze. The long-lasting nature of its construction also ensures you won’t need to replace them for a good few years. Well, of course, unless you want to!

Get the luxe look for less at Igloo Surfaces

Marble is always in fashion. It’s also a prominent trend for interiors in 2022, and subtle veins and elegant colours are top of the list for bathroom installations. Marble-effect panels are a great alternative if forking out thousands isn’t within budget.

If you’re looking to create a luxe look in this space but don’t know whether PVC panels could work for you, why not test it out first. Order samples from us to help you get a feel for the design and appearance. Plus, check out the quality and durability first-hand. Once you’re happy with your choice, order on the website for fast delivery.

There are many ways to decorate bathroom and shower room walls, but nothing quite beats the ease of marble-effect PVC panels. So, explore our selection of colours and designs and create a luxury look for an affordable cost.


New Year, new bathroom!

If you’re eager to get ahead on refreshing your space with the latest bathroom trends, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to find out our predictions for bathroom trends in 2022.

1. Biophilic design

You might not have heard of the term biophilic design until recently. However, this bathroom trend is set to flourish (pun intended!) in 2022. The concept of biophilia highlights the connection between nature and living things. Its integration into interiors has been present for many years. But only recently has it become trendy to bring the outdoors in.

For bathrooms, this design concept is ideal for refreshing the space and creating a sanctuary vibe. Think greenery and natural materials alongside neutral colour palettes and minimal fixtures, and you’ve nailed it.

Biophilic interior design doesn’t just look fresh and inviting. It also supports cognitive functions for a boost to wellbeing.

9 Bathroom Trends for 2022

2. Japandi aesthetic

Japandi interior themes are set to be big in bathroom trends for 2022. But what is Japandi?

This concept mixes Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles to create a modern and minimal aesthetic. The colour palette typically incorporates neutral colours as a primary focus and blends in black and brassware fixtures as a statement contrast.

While some trends come and go, Japandi has a timeless style that brings life to your bathroom. Plus, it’s quite simple to achieve.

3. Statement marble

Marble never really goes out of fashion. However, for 2022 it takes on a simple yet elegant touch in contrast to its typical grandness.

This interior design style is often a dream for many, as the price tag is typically over the top for the average bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create this aesthetic on a smaller budget.

PVC wall panels are the perfect alternative. They can be used for bathrooms and shower areas and are easy to clean for a low maintenance but high-end look.

9 Bathroom Trends for 2022

4. Wall murals

Ever felt tempted to add colour to your white bathroom but don’t know where to start? Well, the mural trend offers a ‘go big or go home’ vibe to maximise impact in this space.

We’re not talking about making every wall a mural – just a small feature, or one wall is perfect. This bathroom trend does require a bit of confidence to take the plunge. However, the visuals are out of this world. Check out some examples of easy to install PVC wall murals to get inspired.

5. Natural materials and organic textures

With biophilic design bringing the outside in during 2022, natural materials are a seamless and complementary trend. Next year will focus on incorporating nature and its organic textures with wood and stone, offering a warm and welcoming haven in your bathroom.

If you’re not planning a complete renovation in 2022, natural accents are easy to add to harness this bathroom trend. Embrace textures such as hemp, wicker and rattan in your bathroom accessories. Plus, add succulents and greenery for a touch of colour and to help purify the air.

6. Walk-in showers and wet rooms

How many people take regular baths these days? Not as many as showers, according to a recent survey. The main reasons for more showers – convenience and speed.

So, it’s no surprise that wet rooms and walk-in showers are on the rise and becoming a significant bathroom trend in 2022.

The beauty of a walk-in shower is the freedom you have to create a fresh and aesthetic look with tiles or shower panels kits. Panels offer a large backdrop for different colours and textural effects. Plus, you can also incorporate the wall mural trend with ease.

Walk in showers and wet rooms

7. A mix of period and contemporary elements

Blending old and new has often been used in interiors around the home. However, for the New Year, we’ll see it appear more and more in bathrooms. Opposites always attract, and the balance of modern and period touches creates a striking trend.

The rise in sustainable style also focuses on choosing authentic period pieces over the ‘new but made to look old’ options. So why not head to your local salvage yard or vintage shops to discover a variety of unique bathroom additions.

8. Green colour palettes

There’s a key theme to bathroom trends in 2022, and it focuses on going green in more ways than one.

Green shades have proved popular, not only in interiors but also in fashion too. So, there’s no surprise this hue is set to make waves next year.

Farrow and Ball recently showcased their top five colours, and of course, Breakfast Room Green was a part of the line-up. However, all varieties of the colourway are ideal for this space, including pastels, emerald and forest greens. If you want to create a statement, add texture and a multitude of features such as tiling, wallpaper and flooring to make the space pop.

Using green in the bathroom is also said to encourage positive wellbeing and evoke comfort and warmth.

9. Less is more

With space at a premium, small bathrooms tend to feel cluttered and dysfunctional. But with the less is more trend, it’s the ideal opportunity to create a more harmonious space.

Clever storage and design configuration will make the room more need-orientated. Simple furnishings and accessories provide a minimalist feel without looking clinical. Plus, you don’t have to stick to muted palettes to make an impact. Lighting also plays an important role in creating the illusion of space.

Incorporate bathroom trends with Igloo Surfaces

The bathroom trends hitting our homes in 2022 offer a variety of timeless and functional design aesthetics. In addition, many of the above features incorporate a sense of wellbeing and harness natural materials to create a fresh feel.

If you’re considering sprucing up this space in the New Year, Igloo Surfaces is here to lend a hand. We have stylish PVC panels to help you create an impressive mural in your bathroom. Plus, our shower panel kits are a great option for converting a wet room or walk-in shower. It’s never been easier to keep up with the latest bathroom trends.

Dealing with a bathroom that doesn’t have enough space to swing a cat? You’re not alone.

The average size of a family bathroom in the UK is around 2m x 2m. That’s approximately the same as two king-sized beds together. While that might sound great in bed terms, it doesn’t leave much space for the imagination when you add the bath, shower, sink, and toilet.

If your bathroom is even smaller than this, then remodelling it can feel daunting. So how do you fit it all in? Plus, is there enough room to add your design stamp on it?

Fear not! Don’t let size limit you from planning big in the bathroom. Instead, take a look at these top small bathroom remodel ideas to inspire the design.

Keep it bright and light

If your tiny space feels dark and gloomy, start your bathroom remodel with a splash of paint. Lighter and brighter colours open up a room and make the area feel bigger. You don’t have to stick to white if this feels too clinical.

Why not consider combining Farrow & Ball’s colours of the year, Babouche and School House White? This cheerful shade of yellow balanced with an understated whitewash offers a welcoming and vibrant vibe in any space.

Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Small Spaces 1

Install a walk-in shower

If a bathtub is taking up valuable space in your bathroom, why not consider transforming this area into a walk-in shower. This is a popular modern small bathroom remodel idea as it’s perfect for convenience and style.

To incorporate the light and bright concept, use PVC wall panels in neutral shades to complement the colour palette. Another top tip is installing glass doors. It’ll give you the illusion of more square footage.

Opt for an L or P shaped bath

If you can’t live without having a soak in the tub, then an L or P shaped bath could be the perfect solution. There are a variety of shorter versions of these on the market, which is ideal if space is tight. Plus, they double up as a shower – it’s a win-win all round!

Installing sliding shower doors

Do you find you’re always shimmying around the furniture when you open the shower door in the morning? Doors can present a design nightmare when it comes to small bathrooms, so install sliding ones instead. This simple yet effective feature feels less cluttered. Plus, if you choose glass doors, it also opens up the space.

Hang mirrored cabinets

You have to think smarter about storage in small bathrooms. A great design concept, in this case, are mirrored cabinets. The cabinets provide the space you need for toiletries. In addition, you have a mirror to beautify yourself.

Another top tip – don’t be afraid to go big (in terms of height). Tall-mirrored cabinets elongate the room and bounce light around to create the illusion of space.

Choose a floating sink

Bathrooms can feel cluttered when everything is at floor or hip level. To alleviate this, opt for a floating sink. It’ll skip the bulky cabinet space underneath and save space overall. Then, of course, there’s also the fact it looks super chic.

Install a heated towel rail

Radiators are notoriously awkward things to design rooms around. In most cases, they’re also pretty boring features that are challenging to zhuzh up. But, you’re in luck as a heated towel rail is a great alternative.

You can choose from a range of slim-lined and modern rails that match your aesthetic. In addition, most can be positioned behind doors to create more space.

Add simple and stylish shelving

Wall space is prime real estate in small bathrooms because you can utilise it for stylish storage. Use open shelving solutions to complement the décor. This also avoids making the room feel smaller and cluttered.

The only thing to watch for is the depth. Shelving that sticks out too far encroaches on the overall illusion of space. And nobody wants any bruises from bumping into them.

Install a skylight or sun tunnel

This is one of the more labour-intensive bathroom remodel ideas on our list. However, it’s a top option for making an impact. Natural light is one of the best ways to create the impression of space. So if your bathroom doesn’t have windows, you’re missing out on this vital design aspect.

Installing a skylight doesn’t come cheap either, but it’s a great investment for dark and drab spaces. Sun tunnels are also a great option for flat or pitched roofs.

Opt for a wall-hung toilet

A wall-hung toilet is great for a bathroom lacking space. It sits above the ground with the plumbing and cistern integrated into the wall. You can also choose a back to wall toilet, which is a similar concept. The only difference is that this model sits on the floor.

These toilets are not as straightforward as a traditional toilet install. Pipework and framework may be needed to support the fixture. However, its minimalist look creates a stylish aesthetic and much-needed space in a small bathroom.

Convert the space into a wet room

Wet rooms are rising in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Fortunately, the image of traditional wet rooms is a far cry from the stylish options in modern interior design today.

This design idea basically takes away the need for shower doors, so everything is open. Of course, this installation requires extensive work to fully waterproof the area. But, it can be an invaluable concept for improved accessibility and creating more space.

Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Small Spaces

Explore design and decor ideas for your small bathroom

Remodelling a small bathroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the mix of space-enhancing design ideas above, you have plenty of options for utilising this tiny room.

At Igloo Surfaces, we understand that small bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and we can help with your décor needs. So whether you’re kitting out an en-suite or have a compact cloakroom that needs a refurb, we have a range of products suited to every space.

Check out our range of bathroom panels and shower kits to turn your small space into a functional and stylish sanctuary.

Vinyl flooring is a fantastic material for your kitchen or bathroom. Hardwearing, waterproof, and with high slip resistance, vinyl provides a range of great practical benefits whilst also looking beautiful. But if you’ve never laid vinyl flooring before, you might have questions. What exactly is vinyl flooring? What’s the best way to install it? And do you need underlay for vinyl flooring?

In this blog post, we’ll answer all of these questions. Read on to discover how you can bring the benefits of vinyl into your home.

What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is made from polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic polymer. Sometimes also known as linoleum or lino, vinyl has long been a popular choice in our kitchens and bathrooms. This is because it’s easy to clean and highly durable, making it ideal for high traffic areas in the home.

Do you need underlay for vinyl flooring?

No, you do not need underlay for vinyl flooring. Although you will need an underlay for wood, carpet, or laminate, you can apply your vinyl flooring onto your floor directly. This is partly thanks to the design of PVC panels, which usually feature a base layer that acts as an inbuilt underlay.

If your floors are in particularly bad condition, you may choose to put down an underlay for added support, protection, and insulation. But if your floors are okay, this won’t be necessarily. In fact, you can even install our Simplex vinyl flooring on top of existing panels or tiles!

How do you install vinyl flooring panels?

Installing our vinyl floor panels is quick and easy. Available in packs of eight, each of our panels measure 305 mm x 610 mm. You can cut the panels to size using a fine-toothed jigsaw or handsaw to create the perfect fit.

Unlike our PVC wall panels, you won’t need any adhesive to install our Simplex vinyl flooring. That means there’s no prep or curing process required – all you need to do is click our panels into place using the handy tongue and groove system. The panels will interconnect to provide a tight fit, smooth finish, and solid floor. Simplex by name, simple by design!

What are the benefits of vinyl flooring?

As well as being beginner-friendly and easy to install, vinyl flooring comes with a range of benefits. These include:

Explore our Simplex vinyl flooring at Igloo Surfaces

At Igloo Surfaces, we stock high-quality Simplex vinyl flooring in a range of chic shades and on-trend textures. Whatever your preferences, we’ll help you find flooring that suits you down to the ground. Best of all, it comes with a 10-year guarantee – so you can feel confident and comfortable with your bathroom floor for years to come.

Tempted to try bathroom wall panels but not sure what size to choose? PVC wall panels are one of the quickest and easiest ways to update your bathroom, but if you haven’t used them before, you might be wondering which size is best for your home.

In this blog post, we’ve put together a handy guide to the different bathroom wall panel sizes we stock at Igloo Surfaces. Whatever the shape and size of your bathroom, read on to find your perfect fit today.

Can I cut my bathroom wall panels to size?

Yes, you can cut your bathroom wall panels to size. Don’t worry if you read through the dimensions below and think that nothing will fit your bathroom. Most PVC panels on the market are designed to fit standard measurements, but the reality is many rooms won’t fit the brief!

From irregular windows to alcoves and sloping ceilings, there are many features that might require you to customise your panels before installing them. Thankfully, it’s quick and easy to do. All you’ll need is a fine-toothed hand saw or jigsaw to cut your chosen panels to size.

What size panels do we stock?

1.    Arctic Infinity panels

Looking for showstopping panels that will transform your bathroom? Our Arctic Infinity range is the perfect choice. These bold prints will make breath-taking bathroom feature walls, from a Statue of Liberty scene to a relaxing tropical oasis.

To accommodate the striking designs, Arctic Infinity panels are extra-large, measuring 2,440 mm long x 1,220 mm wide x 2.5 mm thick. They are available individually or in packs of two or three.

While most of our panels are 10 mm thick, these are much thinner. This means they aren’t hollow and don’t feature a tongue and groove system, so you will need to apply seal tape around the edge of each panel to ensure a smooth finish.

2.    Block colour panels

Available in a variety of shades and complete with matching edgings, our block colour panels are our second largest collection. These panels are divided into two categories, ‘striking’ and ‘subtle’ colours, and measure 2,500 mm long x 1,220 mm wide x 2.5 mm thick.

Like our Arctic Infinity panels, our block colour range doesn’t feature a tongue and groove system. They’re still quick and easy to install, especially if you purchase them as part of our shower kits which include all the matching trim, edgings, and adhesive you’ll need.

3.    Standard panels

The majority of our panels may be standard in size, but when it comes to style, they’re anything but! From faux marble to a water droplet design, these panels measure 2,400 mm long x 1,000 mm wide x 10 mm thick. The 1,000 mm with makes it easy to calculate how many panels you need to cover your wall. (Simply divide the width of your wall by the width of your chosen panel).

4.    Tile effect panels

Our tile effect panels are sold in packs of four, each measuring 2,650 mm long x 250 mm wide x 8 mm thick (some designs measure 2,600 mm long and 9 mm thick). The design is spread evenly across all four panels.

Browse the full range at Igloo Surfaces

Whatever the size of your bathroom, PVC wall panels are quick and easy to fit. Most importantly, they’re water resistant, easy to wipe clean and highly durable for all the usual bathroom bumps and knocks. Find your dream design at Igloo Surfaces today!

Classic yet versatile, tiles are some of the most popular materials for bathroom walls and floors. But although they’ve been used in our homes for thousands of years, they’re not always the best choice for your bathroom.

From the expense of the raw materials to the faff of the installation process, there are various downsides to tiles. This is particularly true if you’re working to a budget or don’t have a lot of DIY experience.

Love the look of tiles but not so keen on the technicalities? Tile effect bathroom wall panels are an excellent alternative to more traditional materials. In this blog post, we’ll share three reasons why you should consider choosing tile effect bathroom wall panels for your home.

1. Panels are 100% waterproof

Tiles are usually made from ceramic, porcelain, or stone. Although these materials are waterproof, the grouting in between your tiles can be susceptible to moisture ingress and damp. No matter how often you clean your grouting, it can seem impossible to clean – leaving you with unsightly tiles that look grey, grimy and mouldy.

One of the best things about bathroom wall panels is their water resistance. At Igloo Surfaces, our wall panels are 100% waterproof, helping to protect the wall beneath from mould and mildew. From our faux marble Carrara Décor Tile Effect panels to our Modern Décor Silver Small Tile Effect panels, our collection features a handy tongue and groove system. That means you can easily click the panels into place.

For complete peace of mind, we recommend dabbing a bead of silicone in between your panels. This will seal any gaps and give you 100% protection from damp and damage.

2. Panels are more cost-effective

Did you know the average cost of tiling a bathroom is around £50 per square metre? That doesn’t take into account the price of the tiles themselves! For a more cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on appearance, our tile effect bathroom wall panels will give you the look you’re after without the added expense.

At Igloo Surfaces, the majority of our tile effect bathroom wall panels cost around £60 for a pack of four, with each panel measuring around 2,650mm long by 250mm wide.

3. Panels are easy to install

Installing tiles can be loud, messy and expensive. Because it requires specialist tools and expertise, many people prefer to hire a contractor to do the job for them. While this ensures a professional finish, it’s not always an option if you’re working to a budget.

On the other hand, tile effect bathroom wall panels are quick and easy to install yourself. All you’ll need is your choice of panels, a small hand saw or jigsaw, and a tub of our adhesive (available online). This also means you can easily switch up your look if you want to redecorate your bathroom in the future.

Waterproof, cost-effective and easy to install

Want to achieve all the benefits above in your bathroom? At Igloo Surfaces, you’ll find a huge variety of tile effect panels for bathroom walls, from faux marble to chic graphite. With a 10-20 year guarantee, they’re a hardwearing yet easy-to-fit solution!

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