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Unhappy with your bathroom?

Are you one of the many people in the UK that is unhappy with your bathroom?

It is reported that many adults in the UK are not happy with their bathroom. So much so that they are exceedingly embarrassed of any visitor using their 'facilities'.

With hygiene being a major factor when using any facility whether that is a public or private dwelling, it is not surprising that as we spend a vast amount of time in our bathrooms they need to suit our needs as well as being the most hygienic room (as well as our kitchens) as possible.

Many people when they buy a new home end up with 'inherited' bathrooms which they then keep for many years under the pretence that the bathroom is not as important as the living and bedroom area's within the house.

There are also those that have adopted outdated bathroom suites that would only suit the dynasty phase of the 80's!

However as more and more people enjoy a soak in the tub or a nice long shower after a hard day at work it is no wonder that they like to have a tranquil, inviting and hygienic environment to be in.

It is also widely known that by installing a new bathroom it will add a vast amount to the value of the property which is always a major plus!

At Igloo we take the standard and design of our panels seriously, that's why we offer a 20 year guarantee on all our PVC panels. Plus all our PVC panels comply with British standards and are all fire tested.

Also our customer service is quite simply the best. Our team can advise you on all your needs and advise you of what products are best to use in your project including how to install them if you are a DIY enthusiast.

For more information visit the relevant pages on our website or ring 01709 329117 to speak to one of our helpful team.

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