Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Small Spaces
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Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Small Spaces

Dealing with a bathroom that doesn’t have enough space to swing a cat? You’re not alone.

The average size of a family bathroom in the UK is around 2m x 2m. That’s approximately the same as two king-sized beds together. While that might sound great in bed terms, it doesn’t leave much space for the imagination when you add the bath, shower, sink, and toilet.

If your bathroom is even smaller than this, then remodelling it can feel daunting. So how do you fit it all in? Plus, is there enough room to add your design stamp on it?

Fear not! Don’t let size limit you from planning big in the bathroom. Instead, take a look at these top small bathroom remodel ideas to inspire the design.

Keep it bright and light

If your tiny space feels dark and gloomy, start your bathroom remodel with a splash of paint. Lighter and brighter colours open up a room and make the area feel bigger. You don’t have to stick to white if this feels too clinical.

Why not consider combining Farrow & Ball’s colours of the year, Babouche and School House White? This cheerful shade of yellow balanced with an understated whitewash offers a welcoming and vibrant vibe in any space.

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Install a walk-in shower

If a bathtub is taking up valuable space in your bathroom, why not consider transforming this area into a walk-in shower. This is a popular modern small bathroom remodel idea as it’s perfect for convenience and style.

To incorporate the light and bright concept, use PVC wall panels in neutral shades to complement the colour palette. Another top tip is installing glass doors. It’ll give you the illusion of more square footage.

Opt for an L or P shaped bath

If you can’t live without having a soak in the tub, then an L or P shaped bath could be the perfect solution. There are a variety of shorter versions of these on the market, which is ideal if space is tight. Plus, they double up as a shower – it’s a win-win all round!

Installing sliding shower doors

Do you find you’re always shimmying around the furniture when you open the shower door in the morning? Doors can present a design nightmare when it comes to small bathrooms, so install sliding ones instead. This simple yet effective feature feels less cluttered. Plus, if you choose glass doors, it also opens up the space.

Hang mirrored cabinets

You have to think smarter about storage in small bathrooms. A great design concept, in this case, are mirrored cabinets. The cabinets provide the space you need for toiletries. In addition, you have a mirror to beautify yourself.

Another top tip – don’t be afraid to go big (in terms of height). Tall-mirrored cabinets elongate the room and bounce light around to create the illusion of space.

Choose a floating sink

Bathrooms can feel cluttered when everything is at floor or hip level. To alleviate this, opt for a floating sink. It’ll skip the bulky cabinet space underneath and save space overall. Then, of course, there’s also the fact it looks super chic.

Install a heated towel rail

Radiators are notoriously awkward things to design rooms around. In most cases, they’re also pretty boring features that are challenging to zhuzh up. But, you’re in luck as a heated towel rail is a great alternative.

You can choose from a range of slim-lined and modern rails that match your aesthetic. In addition, most can be positioned behind doors to create more space.

Add simple and stylish shelving

Wall space is prime real estate in small bathrooms because you can utilise it for stylish storage. Use open shelving solutions to complement the décor. This also avoids making the room feel smaller and cluttered.

The only thing to watch for is the depth. Shelving that sticks out too far encroaches on the overall illusion of space. And nobody wants any bruises from bumping into them.

Install a skylight or sun tunnel

This is one of the more labour-intensive bathroom remodel ideas on our list. However, it’s a top option for making an impact. Natural light is one of the best ways to create the impression of space. So if your bathroom doesn’t have windows, you’re missing out on this vital design aspect.

Installing a skylight doesn’t come cheap either, but it’s a great investment for dark and drab spaces. Sun tunnels are also a great option for flat or pitched roofs.

Opt for a wall-hung toilet

A wall-hung toilet is great for a bathroom lacking space. It sits above the ground with the plumbing and cistern integrated into the wall. You can also choose a back to wall toilet, which is a similar concept. The only difference is that this model sits on the floor.

These toilets are not as straightforward as a traditional toilet install. Pipework and framework may be needed to support the fixture. However, its minimalist look creates a stylish aesthetic and much-needed space in a small bathroom.

Convert the space into a wet room

Wet rooms are rising in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Fortunately, the image of traditional wet rooms is a far cry from the stylish options in modern interior design today.

This design idea basically takes away the need for shower doors, so everything is open. Of course, this installation requires extensive work to fully waterproof the area. But, it can be an invaluable concept for improved accessibility and creating more space.

Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Small Spaces

Explore design and decor ideas for your small bathroom

Remodelling a small bathroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the mix of space-enhancing design ideas above, you have plenty of options for utilising this tiny room.

At Igloo Surfaces, we understand that small bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and we can help with your décor needs. So whether you’re kitting out an en-suite or have a compact cloakroom that needs a refurb, we have a range of products suited to every space.

Check out our range of bathroom panels and shower kits to turn your small space into a functional and stylish sanctuary.

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