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Lets Talk Grout

Lets talk Grout!........One of the most harbouring areas where bacteria grows is in grout lines and as most of our homes have tiles in the kitchen or bathroom you can but imagine how much bacteria grows within these tiny lines daily.

Most mould is visible in our bathrooms within these grout lines. This is due to the moisture being higher in this area when we wash daily. Particularly when showering as the moisture can get exceedingly bad!

Whether you are a homeowner, tenant or landlord, seeing mould in any bathroom can be unsightly and most importantly unhygienic.

Due to the tough and robust plastic and designs available, more and more homeowners and landlords are turning to decorative wall panels and ceiling panels to transform their bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens.

As mentioned before these panels are built to be strong and long lasting. Due to this, they will never need to be replaced. They won’t wear away either and will always look as new as the first day you installed them.

Also as they are 100% waterproof and easy to clean, not forgetting their tongue and groove interlocking system, there are no area's and no grout whereby mould can build and grow. Therefore you will always have a bacteria free, easy to clean and flawless bathroom you will be proud of in five, ten or even 20 years time!

Plus with our decorative wall panels being one of the cheapest and best quality on the market you can guarantee savings on not only in comparison to pricing your project in ceramic tiles but on the installation time too.

If you would like any advice or help with your project or if you would like a FREE sample please give our team a ring today who will be more than happy to help you with your needs on 01709 329117 or email [email protected]

Don't forget we offer FREE delivery on all orders over £100, or our next day delivery services is also available for £45.

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