How Wood-Look Vinyl Flooring Combines The Best of Both Worlds
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How Wood-Look Vinyl Flooring Combines The Best of Both Worlds

Want flooring that has the characteristics of wood but without the maintenance? Wood-look vinyl flooring is the perfect interior addition.

The texture and features of wood make it a material that will never go out of fashion in homes. However, all that beauty comes at a cost. Hardwood flooring not only needs different treatment and care over time, but the initial investment and installation could also set you back thousands.

Fortunately, a high-quality and affordable option combines the best of both worlds – vinyl flooring.

What is wood-look vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is made from synthetic materials and is constructed in layers to offer a hard-wearing option for many rooms in the house. The wood effect on the surface of each plank is created using PVC vinyl and gives realistic features of the real thing. With no wood in sight, the cost is more affordable than traditional options.

It’s not just cost that makes this an appealing alternative to hardwood flooring. Check out some of the other benefits of wood-look vinyl flooring below:

The benefits of wood-look vinyl flooring

Comfortable underfoot

The composition of vinyl flooring gives it a softer feel compared to hardwood. In addition, many designs have an extra layer of cushioning, which is comfortable to walk on. Plus, you’re less likely to feel the cold in comparison to tiles or ceramic flooring.


Wood-look vinyl flooring is crafted to last for many years. The design and materials reduce stains, scratches and can handle everyday wear and tear. At Igloo Surfaces, our range of vinyl flooring also has a 10-year guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.

Easy to install

Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest options to install in your home. It sits perfectly over concrete, plywood or hardwood, and many products fit together with a tongue and groove system. This connection ensures a secure join and offers an easy way to replace panels if required. In addition, panels are easy to cut to size, and you don’t even need adhesive to secure them in place!

The easy install system gives you the chance to do it yourself to save some cash. Or hire the professionals to take on the work for a quick and hassle-free project.


Let’s face it, accidents happen, and spillages are inevitable in high traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. The beauty of wood-look vinyl flooring is it’s made from waterproof materials. This means those splashes from the bathtub or moisture after a hot shower can be quickly wiped away. Its waterproof features also make it an ideal material for hallways and entrances.


Many falls happen in bathrooms and kitchens due to slippery surfaces. However, the beauty of vinyl is its high slip resistance. The texture provides a natural grip compared to other materials to reduce the risk of slips in the home.

Easy to maintain

Many people want hassle-free flooring in the home. But like the option of on-trend interior style too. With wood-look vinyl flooring, you get both. Vinyl flooring is simple to care for and doesn’t need hours of revarnishing, cleaning or refinishing to look great.

Vinyl flooring takes the hard work out of cleaning. The material is resistant to stains and scuffs, so a quick spritz and mop should do the trick. Always opt for cleaners designed for the material to ensure the vinyl stays in the best condition. Anything else will degrade the appearance of the vinyl over time.

Realistic wood look

One of the most significant ways wood-look vinyl flooring appeals is the range of wood styles you can choose from. The selection is vast. Plus, the colour choice allows you to complement the traditional and contemporary interior design.

The Simplex range at Igloo Surfaces showcases some of the favourites in wood-look flooring. Examples such as Antique White Ash and Firenze offer a light option perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. In comparison, Natural and Vintage Oak are classics for living and dining areas.


A top consideration for any renovation project is how much flooring will cost. The assortment of materials on the market gives you everything from higher investment designs to budget-friendly options. Fortunately, vinyl flooring is the latter. However, don’t be put off by the affordability as the quality speaks for itself.

The above features of wood-look vinyl flooring create one of the most economical flooring options. The cost per square metre is significantly lower than other materials such as wood, stone and ceramic. If you decide to DIY, then the cost savings are even better.

Stylish and affordable wood-look flooring

Flooring is one of the biggest decisions to make when tackling a renovation project. While the material is essential to get right for your lifestyle, there’s also style and colour to consider.

That’s why wood-look vinyl flooring is one of the most popular options. It gives you everything from durability to stain resistance and doesn’t break the bank. Plus, there’s a host of realistic wood effect designs such as oak and ash to choose from.

Alongside wood-look styles, we have slate and sparkle finishes that complement bathroom and kitchen interior design. The Simplex range comes with a 10-year guarantee and is easy to replace if required. Plus, the tongue and groove system is simple to install, so it’s perfect for those DIY projects.

Want to check out the range before deciding? Order samples to see how the quality and designs match your interior spaces. With eight panels per pack, you can work out the exact amount you’ll need to complete each room with ease. That will also help to save money and cut back on wastage.

If you’re eager to start planning your flooring project, check out our wood-look vinyl flooring collection to get the ball rolling.

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