Are There Any Disadvantages of PVC Ceiling Panels?
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Are There Any Disadvantages of PVC Ceiling Panels?

Your bathroom ceiling probably isn’t your first thought when redecorating – but if you want to prevent mould and mildew, it’s important to choose the right covering. Tiles, paint, and PVC panels are all possible options for your ceiling. So, which is best for your home?

Paint might be one of the most popular options, but you shouldn’t choose it by default. At Igloo Surfaces, our range of PVC ceiling panels are hardwearing yet easy to install. They’re also an excellent way to prevent mould from growing on your ceiling.

If you’re wondering if there are disadvantages of PVC ceiling panels, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll bust some of the myths surrounding PVC panels and explain why they could be a great addition to your bathroom.

  1. Upfront cost

When comparing PVC ceiling panels to paint and tiles, one of the most obvious differences is their price. At around £35 per square metre, tiles are typically the most expensive option, while tins of ceiling paint are the cheapest. But that doesn’t mean that paint is the most cost-effective option overall.

Although the upfront cost of PVC panels can be a little higher than that of paint, it’s a great long-term solution. To prevent mould from growing on your ceiling, you’ll need to buy a reliable anti-mould paint and apply a new coat every few years. Otherwise, your ceiling could become vulnerable to water damage and damp.

By contrast, all of our PVC ceiling panels at Igloo Surfaces come with a 10-year guarantee. This means you won’t need to worry about long-term protection. Simply install your panels and enjoy a mould-free ceiling for a decade!

  1. Appearance

Some people believe that one of the main disadvantages of PVC ceiling panels is their appearance. Because they’re made from plastic, they think panels won’t look as attractive as more expensive materials such as tiles. But did you know there’s a world of options out there when it comes to ceiling panels?

From white ash effect to high gloss, you’ll find a variety of different ceiling panels at Igloo Surfaces. Our panels are designed to complement a range of styles, so whatever the décor of your bathroom, you’re sure to find something to top off your renovation – all while protecting your ceiling from the steam that rises from your bath or shower.

Protect your bathroom ceiling with PVC panels from Igloo Surfaces

If you’ve had questions about some of the disadvantages of PVC ceiling panels, we hope this blog post has put your mind at rest. Hardwearing, waterproof and resistant to mould, the PVC ceiling panels at Igloo Surfaces are the perfect way to protect your bathroom.

All of our ceiling panels are available in packs of four and use a handy tongue-and-groove system for easy installation. More cost-effective than tiles and more durable than paint, all of our panels come with a 10-20 year guarantee. Discover our full range of ceiling panels to find your perfect fit today!


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