A Beginner’s Guide to Large PVC Bathroom Wall Panels
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A Beginner’s Guide to Large PVC Bathroom Wall Panels

If you’re looking for a sleek finish on your bathroom walls, large PVC bathroom wall panels are a great choice. PVC panels present a stylish and affordable alternative to tiling. Plus, with the range of designs available, there’s something to suit all tastes.

They also come in different sizes – with large being one of the options – but which is best for your bathroom? Check out the benefits of larger panels and how they work in bathroom design.

Benefits of large PVC bathroom wall panels

There are several benefits to larger panels in a bathroom space, including:

Fewer joins in the design

Larger panels are ideal if you’re looking to create a consistent finish across each wall. The size of the board means there are fewer joins for the overall size of the wall, making them great for bathrooms and shower rooms.


Whatever the size, all PVC panels are waterproof. This makes them ideal for bathroom use. Compared to tiles, there’s no grout to clean. Larger PVC panels also have fewer joins to minimise the amount of sealant you’ll need to apply to ensure their waterproof properties.

Easy to clean

Large PVC wall panels have a smooth texture and finish. This surface is simple to clean, which helps to reduce mould build-up. For a streak-free shine, use a squeegee and microfiber cloth to remove excess moisture.

Creates an even surface

Compared to much smaller tiles, larger panels give you the opportunity to create a more even surface across bathrooms walls without the effort. You can also install them over tiled areas to create a smooth surface.


A bathroom gets a lot of use, and numerous showers and kids splashing around in the bathroom causes moisture build-up. While other surfaces may degrade over time, PVC panels are durable and long-lasting. The waterproof surface ensures the material lasts many years. Plus, our designs are backed with a 10-20 year guarantee.

Easy to replace

PVC wall panels are long-lasting. However, if you need to replace them for any reason, it’s pretty simple to do. The only drawback is that you might not be able to find matching panels to your existing ones (depending on when you purchased them). But alternatively, a complete switch up in design is affordable and quick to install.

No additional finishing required

Unlike other bathroom wall finishes, once you’ve installed your large PVC panels, you’re good to go. In addition, this wall installation is easy to maintain and clean to give you a design that lasts many years.

Installing large bathroom panels

Another benefit of using large PVC wall panels in your bathroom is they are relatively easy to install. You can opt to do it yourself with our simple help guides or call the professionals in. What’s more, many of the designs at Igloo surfaces fit together with a tongue and groove system. So, they slot together easily and securely.

Top uses for large PVC bathroom wall panels

Whether you’re panelling your entire bathroom or just a shower cubicle, PVC panels are ideal for all spaces. The design and durability of this surface option create an opportunity to streamline the interior style. Plus, it ensures the room is waterproofed and easy to maintain.

PVC panels are suitable for all aspects of bathroom design. You can go all out and panel the entire bathroom. Of course, this material lends itself well to wet room designs too. You can also opt for using panels in specific areas such as bath surrounds, shower cubicles and sink splashbacks.

Best of all, there’s the option of creating a feature wall with decorative large PVC panels.

Choice of designs

PVC panels are a simple way to add a stylish design to your bathroom. There is a wide selection of styles and sizes available, including classic colours such as grey, black and white.

Another top option is using PVC wall panels to create a faux stone aesthetic. Popular designs include white marble and grey concrete. The appearance of the panels offers an affordable and realistic alternative to the real thing. Plus, natural materials such as marble have a less durable surface. So a PVC faux marble panel is a fantastic tough option.

For anyone looking to create a feature wall, ornate and statement large PVC bathroom wall panels are a great choice. At Igloo Surfaces, we have a unique variety of panels, including waterfall, Statue of Liberty and oasis designs, plus many more. This panel type is suitable for showers and bathrooms and can be cut to bespoke measurements to get the desired look.

PVC panels aren’t just for modern bathrooms either. Traditional and period homes can take advantage of this hardwearing material in classic tiles effects and brick designs.

Large PVC wall panels at Igloo Surfaces

PVC panels are fast becoming the go-to in bathroom design due to their durability and variety of designs. There are heaps of benefits to choosing larger panels over smaller ones or even tiles. Another significant aspect is the affordability and quality of the material.

At Igloo Surfaces, we have a fantastic range of bathroom and shower panels suitable for all types of interior styling. There’s also the option for shower panel kits, so you have everything you need for a quick installation.

We don’t just offer a variety of colours either. Our decorative PVC panels make a big statement for that added wow factor in any bathroom.

If you’re planning a bathroom makeover and can’t decide between small or large PVC panels, contact our team for advice. Our panels also come with a 10-20 year guarantee, so you have total peace of mind on your next purchase. Our handy guides also give you everything you need to tackle those DIY projects.

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