Bathroom Trends for 2022
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9 Bathroom Trends for 2022

New Year, new bathroom!

If you’re eager to get ahead on refreshing your space with the latest bathroom trends, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to find out our predictions for bathroom trends in 2022.

1. Biophilic design

You might not have heard of the term biophilic design until recently. However, this bathroom trend is set to flourish (pun intended!) in 2022. The concept of biophilia highlights the connection between nature and living things. Its integration into interiors has been present for many years. But only recently has it become trendy to bring the outdoors in.

For bathrooms, this design concept is ideal for refreshing the space and creating a sanctuary vibe. Think greenery and natural materials alongside neutral colour palettes and minimal fixtures, and you’ve nailed it.

Biophilic interior design doesn’t just look fresh and inviting. It also supports cognitive functions for a boost to wellbeing.

9 Bathroom Trends for 2022

2. Japandi aesthetic

Japandi interior themes are set to be big in bathroom trends for 2022. But what is Japandi?

This concept mixes Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles to create a modern and minimal aesthetic. The colour palette typically incorporates neutral colours as a primary focus and blends in black and brassware fixtures as a statement contrast.

While some trends come and go, Japandi has a timeless style that brings life to your bathroom. Plus, it’s quite simple to achieve.

3. Statement marble

Marble never really goes out of fashion. However, for 2022 it takes on a simple yet elegant touch in contrast to its typical grandness.

This interior design style is often a dream for many, as the price tag is typically over the top for the average bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create this aesthetic on a smaller budget.

PVC wall panels are the perfect alternative. They can be used for bathrooms and shower areas and are easy to clean for a low maintenance but high-end look.

9 Bathroom Trends for 2022

4. Wall murals

Ever felt tempted to add colour to your white bathroom but don’t know where to start? Well, the mural trend offers a ‘go big or go home’ vibe to maximise impact in this space.

We’re not talking about making every wall a mural – just a small feature, or one wall is perfect. This bathroom trend does require a bit of confidence to take the plunge. However, the visuals are out of this world. Check out some examples of easy to install PVC wall murals to get inspired.

5. Natural materials and organic textures

With biophilic design bringing the outside in during 2022, natural materials are a seamless and complementary trend. Next year will focus on incorporating nature and its organic textures with wood and stone, offering a warm and welcoming haven in your bathroom.

If you’re not planning a complete renovation in 2022, natural accents are easy to add to harness this bathroom trend. Embrace textures such as hemp, wicker and rattan in your bathroom accessories. Plus, add succulents and greenery for a touch of colour and to help purify the air.

6. Walk-in showers and wet rooms

How many people take regular baths these days? Not as many as showers, according to a recent survey. The main reasons for more showers – convenience and speed.

So, it’s no surprise that wet rooms and walk-in showers are on the rise and becoming a significant bathroom trend in 2022.

The beauty of a walk-in shower is the freedom you have to create a fresh and aesthetic look with tiles or shower panels kits. Panels offer a large backdrop for different colours and textural effects. Plus, you can also incorporate the wall mural trend with ease.

Walk in showers and wet rooms

7. A mix of period and contemporary elements

Blending old and new has often been used in interiors around the home. However, for the New Year, we’ll see it appear more and more in bathrooms. Opposites always attract, and the balance of modern and period touches creates a striking trend.

The rise in sustainable style also focuses on choosing authentic period pieces over the ‘new but made to look old’ options. So why not head to your local salvage yard or vintage shops to discover a variety of unique bathroom additions.

8. Green colour palettes

There’s a key theme to bathroom trends in 2022, and it focuses on going green in more ways than one.

Green shades have proved popular, not only in interiors but also in fashion too. So, there’s no surprise this hue is set to make waves next year.

Farrow and Ball recently showcased their top five colours, and of course, Breakfast Room Green was a part of the line-up. However, all varieties of the colourway are ideal for this space, including pastels, emerald and forest greens. If you want to create a statement, add texture and a multitude of features such as tiling, wallpaper and flooring to make the space pop.

Using green in the bathroom is also said to encourage positive wellbeing and evoke comfort and warmth.

9. Less is more

With space at a premium, small bathrooms tend to feel cluttered and dysfunctional. But with the less is more trend, it’s the ideal opportunity to create a more harmonious space.

Clever storage and design configuration will make the room more need-orientated. Simple furnishings and accessories provide a minimalist feel without looking clinical. Plus, you don’t have to stick to muted palettes to make an impact. Lighting also plays an important role in creating the illusion of space.

Incorporate bathroom trends with Igloo Surfaces

The bathroom trends hitting our homes in 2022 offer a variety of timeless and functional design aesthetics. In addition, many of the above features incorporate a sense of wellbeing and harness natural materials to create a fresh feel.

If you’re considering sprucing up this space in the New Year, Igloo Surfaces is here to lend a hand. We have stylish PVC panels to help you create an impressive mural in your bathroom. Plus, our shower panel kits are a great option for converting a wet room or walk-in shower. It’s never been easier to keep up with the latest bathroom trends.

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