8 Key Things to Consider When Buying Kitchen Splashback Panels
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8 Key Things to Consider When Buying Kitchen Splashback Panels

Want to create a style statement behind your sink and worktops but fed up with the cleaning and maintenance of tiling? You’re in luck – there are some great alternatives out there!

Installing a kitchen splashback panel is essential unless you want bolognese sauce on your freshly painted walls. But how do you make sure you’re buying the best option for usability and style?

Igloo Surfaces has you covered. Below are our top tips to consider when buying a kitchen splashback, so you capture that visual appeal and don’t have to spend hours cleaning it.

1. Consider your budget

While kitchen splashback panels don’t cover a vast area of the room, there are different materials to consider, which can bump up the cost. Compare the options available and think about durability, maintenance, and how easy they are to clean. Also, remember cheaper is not always better value.

2. Colour and aesthetic

Everyone has good intentions of making decisions based on functionality. But we all know that the way things look can win us over. That’s why the appearance of kitchen splashback panels important in interior design. Fortunately, there are plenty of colours and textures to choose from.

One of our most popular customers buys is PVC kitchen panels, and it’s not hard to see why. The vast selection of colours is ideal whether you want something bright or a subtle shade. Plus, the smooth and sleek finish is stylish and perfect for any kitchen space.

3. Waterproof

Unless you want your splashback peeling off the wall at the slightest hint of moisture, choosing a waterproof splashback is a must. Choose a material that is 100% waterproof and try to opt for a seamless panel or as few seams as possible to minimise dirt and moisture getting trapped. Many kitchen splashbacks are easy to cut to size to achieve a smooth and consistent finish.

4. Easy to install

If you’ve ever tackled the job of tiling a wall, you’ll know the mess it leaves behind. Instead, choose kitchen splashback material that is easy to install, such as PVC. If you’re feeling creative, there are several DIY guides for preparing the wall and installing panels. However, professionals will have it up in no time for peace of mind.

Check out our wall panel installation guide if you need assistance with installation.

5. Reflective

It’s surprising how much light bounces around a room if you opt for reflective kitchen splashback panels. To achieve this, choose materials such as glass, steel or PVC, which have a naturally glossy texture. This is particularly useful if you have darker tones in your kitchen area, as your splashback will offer a more spacious and brighter vibe.

6. Easy to clean

Naturally, kitchen splashback panels will see everything from oils, grease, moisture and plenty of food splatters while you’re whipping up your favourite meals. However, there’s nothing worse than the clean up afterwards.

To make light work of cleaning, choose an easy-clean splashback material like PVC. The smooth and moisture-resistant finish minimises smears while dirt and grime slide off with ease.

7. Pre-cut or made-to-measure?

Some kitchen splashback panels can be made to measure to get the exact fit. However, more affordable options are available in large panels to cut and fit in place.

Our kitchen panels are 2400mm x 1220 mm, which is perfect for fitting in a range of areas. Buying longer panels also reduces the need for joins in the material. This leaves with a smooth and consistent finish throughout.

8. Durability

If you’re renovating your kitchen, you want a splashback that lasts for a good few years. So choose tough materials to withstand knocks, moisture, and scratches. Options such as PVC, stainless steel and acrylic are hard-wearing. However, while toughened glass is still strong, it may crack under heavy impact.

Can I repair or replace a splashback?

So you’ve scratched your lovely new kitchen splashback panel. What can you do? Depending on the material, minor marks could be repaired and resealed. However, in some cases, a replacement is needed. Choosing an affordable splashback material makes this process super straightforward. You can order a direct replacement and install it with ease. Voila!

Choose a PVC kitchen splashback at Igloo Surfaces

Kitchen splashbacks are just one of the many pieces of your kitchen interior puzzle, so it’s vital to make the best choice. A perfect option for this room is PVC, and at Igloo Surfaces, we have a wide selection of options available.

PVC panels have all the important features listed above. They’re hard-wearing, 100% waterproof, easy to clean and easy to install – not to mention stylish. Want something long-lasting too? Our range of PVC kitchen splashback panels come with a 20-year product guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.

We understand the kitchen is the hub of the house, and choosing the right design and materials is key to achieving the perfect cooking and entertaining spot. To help you make the right choice, why not order samples in different colours to experience the quality and durability first-hand.

Once you’ve picked your favourite, just add it to your basket and get your panels in a jiffy with fast UK shipping. They’re simple to install, plus we have handy guides to assist the process. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our full range of kitchen splashback panels to create a stylish and functional kitchen space, all for an affordable price.

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