7 Bathroom Feature Wall Ideas
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7 Bathroom Feature Wall Ideas

Feature walls have become a design staple for rooms throughout homes over the past decade. It’s no surprise to see the trend making its way into the bathroom too. A bathroom feature wall adds a backdrop to those quick showers and long baths, as well as tying your design together with a unique focal point.

To give you a bit more inspiration, we’ve curated a list of seven bathroom feature wall ideas that will bring your space to life.

1. Wood-effect walls

When you’re lying back in your bath or enjoying the steam from the shower, it’s nice to close your eyes and imagine you’re in a luxury spa. With a wood-look feature wall, you won’t have to close your eyes.

Natural wood is used in spas and saunas across the world, but it can be difficult to maintain in your own bathroom – not to mention pretty costly. With PVC panels, you can create a wood-effect feature wall that’s practical and looks great. For something a little different, try the driftwood ash wall panel.


2. Adding patterns

Some of the best bathroom feature wall ideas are those which add an interesting pattern to your design. While your favourite patterns might be overwhelming on all four walls, a feature wall allows you to get the balance just right in your bathroom.

Echo the refreshing just-showered look with a water droplets pattern, or just add some sparkle to one of your walls.


3. Brick feature

Going back to the natural materials, brick is another sought-after look that adds character and depth to your space. But like wood, it’s not the most practical option for a room that’s wet and steamy by nature.

Thankfully, there are a selection of bathroom wall panels that offer the exposed brick look without the rough surface and porous mortar. Go for a classic red-brick appearance or opt for something a bit different with a lighter, more modern brick effect.


4. A splash of colour

If you want a bathroom feature wall idea that makes you happy every time you step foot in your bathroom, why not go for a splash of your favourite colour? As with interesting patterns, vibrant colours can easily become overwhelming on all four walls – but not with a feature wall.

From striking lime and pink to classic shades like red and blue, using a solid colour on your feature wall is a great way to make your bathroom a bit more you.

Striking Lime Sink

5. A stone bathroom

From marble and graphite to concrete and granite, there are so many bathroom feature wall ideas when it comes to stone. It’s one of the most sought-after materials throughout the home, but is usually eye-wateringly expensive to purchase and install.

With a selection of stone-look panels to choose from, you can get the best of both worlds with a stylish appearance that doesn’t break the bank.


6.   On-trend copper

Copper has taken over in the last few years, appearing everywhere from kitchen utensils to light fixtures. Now, you can even have it in your bathroom with a copper-effect wall panel. The metallic look will add warmth to your bathroom, without the cold surface you would normally get with a copper feature.

7.   A photo feature

If you want your space to really stand out, a vibrant image could be the perfect bathroom feature wall idea for you. Choose from a waterfall, beach or a stylish location like London or New York to transport yourself whenever you enter the bathroom.

Or add your own image with our innovative Arctic Infinity custom panels.

Arctic Infinity Range

Creating your bathroom feature wall

From copper, stone and wood to colours, patterns and images, Igloo Surfaces can turn your bathroom feature wall ideas into a reality. Our high-quality bathroom wall panels come in a variety of stunning designs, all with the same water-resistance, durability and easy installation.

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