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5 Super Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas

Want to bring your bathroom up to date? The great news is you don’t need to be a designer to achieve a great finish. Here are six super stylish and easy-to-recreate design ideas to inspire your DIY bathroom makeover.

1. Keep it simple with monochrome

Monochrome has got to be one of the simplest designs out there. It’s timeless and creates real impact. The stark contrast between opposing colours creates a striking look without the need to be garish.

Add drama with a sparkly black feature wall and co-ordinating accessories on a crisp white backdrop. A gloss finish will add depth, mixing contrasting textures to keep things interesting.

2. Take inspiration from nature

If you love the outdoors, why not bring some of the outside in? At Igloo, our authentic wood effect wall panels are a great alternative to expensive panelling. Pair with trailing plants in hanging baskets to really mimic the feeling of showering outdoors amongst nature.

Alternatively, create a scenic feature wall with a stunning landscape wall panel. That way you can enjoy the view from the comfort of your bathtub over and over again.

3. Go modern with sleek greys

Grey bathrooms are very on trend at the moment. They offer a sleek, contemporary feel that is effortlessly sophisticated. This versatile colour is available in a range of different hues and patterns, from soft mottled greys to sharp graphite effect tiling, and works well with any accent colour.

In smaller spaces, use large grey tiles and consider extending the same design across the walls and floor to create the illusion of more space. This works particularly well in stylish modern wet rooms.

4. Create a cool industrial feel

Often seen in city lofts and urban living spaces, exposed brick work harks back to our industrial history and adds character to any room. However, stripping your walls right back requires a lot of work and can make rooms feel cold – not what you want in a bathroom.

Instead, you can recreate this look with authentic brick effect wall panels. Ideal for a feature wall, these 100% waterproof panels are easy to fit and will give your bathroom the wow factor. Pair with copper fittings to add to the vintage aesthetic.

5. Add a touch of class with marble

Marble is known for its high-quality finish and luxury appeal. However, real marble tiles come at a price. To mimic this stylish design in your own bathroom minus the hefty price tag, try our realistic marble effect wall panels.

The distinctive pattern exudes opulence and adds texture to prevent neutral walls looking flat. Pair with warm natural oak-look flooring from our vinyl range, to complete the high-end finish for a fraction of the cost.

Stylish, long-lasting bathroom panels

At Igloo, we supply a range of top quality bathroom wall panels to suit a variety of different tastes. Whatever look you’re going for, we can help you create the bathroom of your dreams without the hassle or expense of traditional tiling.

Need further assistance? Give us a call on 01709 329117 to discuss your project.

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