5 Modern Vinyl Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen
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5 Modern Vinyl Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen flooring, PVC is simply unbeatable. Not only is it extremely easy to fit but it is also very durable and cost-effective, saving you loads of cash in the long run. Because it is made of polyvinyl chloride, vinyl flooring is highly resistant to water, stains and all kinds of everyday damage and wear and tear.

Fitting vinyl flooring also means that you can experiment a little more, safe in the knowledge that you’ll never cause long-term damage to your kitchen. But that’s not its only benefit. With a huge array of different options at your disposal, vinyl flooring can be just as stylish as the most opulent marble tile floor.

If you want your kitchen to boast a modern look whilst maximising its longevity, vinyl flooring is the way to go. But with so many different styles available, it can be hard to choose just one. Not to worry – the expert Igloo Surfaces team is on hand to help you pick the most fashionable vinyl flooring available.

Read on as we go through our five favourite modern vinyl flooring kitchen ideas for your home.

What modern vinyl flooring kitchen idea should you choose?

One of the best things about vinyl flooring is that it comes in different forms. From sheets to planks and tiles, PVC vinyl allows you to arrange your kitchen floor in myriad ways. For instance, some people prefer their vinyl flooring to mimic the look of wood and choose hefty planks that look just like the real thing.

However, PVC vinyl is also perfect if you want to lend your kitchen a chic and modern appearance. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. That’s why at Igloo Surfaces we have chosen a selection of our favourite modern vinyl flooring kitchen looks. Dig a bit deeper into the world of vinyl flowing and decide for yourself!

1.   Smoked ash

Cottagecore is one of the most popular current aesthetics because it invites you to be in harmony with nature and forget about everyday worries. From music to clothing, cottagecore has taken over every facet of modern society – and it is here to stay. If you want your kitchen to tap into your rural self, smoked ash vinyl flooring is the perfect choice.

With its strong grain effect, this kind of flooring gives a highly realistic impression of natural wood while having all the advantages of durable vinyl. To make things better, it goes particularly well with the kind of vintage kitchen cabinets that are so in vogue at the moment. Thanks to smoked ash vinyl, you can turn back the clock and return to simpler times without giving up all the perks of modern flooring.

2.   Modern Italian

You can give your kitchen a stylish continental air by fitting in a Firenze vinyl flooring. Named after the capital of the Tuscany region, this stately type of flooring combines the modern with the classic. Whereas some kinds of kitchen flooring stick out from the rest of the house like a sore thumb, Firenze vinyl flooring offers a much-appreciated sense of continuity.

The best thing about this look is that it is extremely easy to combine. It matches perfectly with darker colours, making it the go-to vinyl flooring idea for homeowners with grey kitchen appliances. That being said, it also goes really well with greens and reds, as it provides a serene counterpoint to more colourful kitchen layouts.

3.   Rustic Torino

Let’s stay in Italy for our next modern vinyl flooring kitchen idea. Torino vinyl flooring is particularly on trend because of its relaxing colours and rustic vibe – a throwback to the capital of the Piedmont area in north Italy. In recent years, this kind of vinyl flooring has become a favourite for homes with open-plan kitchens because it blends seamlessly with the rest of the house. However, this luxury vinyl style is a top choice for any kind of kitchen due to the light brown hues that are so easy on the eye.

4.   Sparkling white

In the past, the biggest drawback of white flooring was that every little stain stood out. Fortunately, those worries have vanished thanks to the wonders of PVC vinyl. Because of its water-resistant surface, you can clean your sparkling white flooring with most products without fear of causing damage. Vinyl flooring is also extremely easy to mop and scrub, making it the perfect choice for homeowners leading a busy lifestyle.

Thanks to vinyl flooring, adding a touch of luxury has never been easier. A sparkling white kitchen flooring will lend your home a smart and modern presence without going over the top. Because White sparkle vinyl flooring conjures an effect similar to that of marble tiling, your kitchen will look as upscale as if you had splashed out thousands of pounds.

5.   Metallic slate

More and more homeowners are fitting in metallic vinyl flooring these days. Because of its high-end look, it might seem very complicated to achieve this sort of effect. Don’t be fooled by appearances – the truth is that you can easily nail a modern metallic style with some copper slate vinyl flooring.

This stunning style will grant your kitchen a professional and bold look not unlike that of a chef’s kitchen in a cooking TV programme. Best of all, its faux rust guise will give your kitchen a vintage tone that’s not to be missed.

The best vinyl flooring is just a click away with Igloo Surfaces

If none of our favourite modern vinyl flooring kitchen ideas has convinced you, don’t worry – you still have more options available. From black linear vinyl to antique white ash, there are plenty more beautiful looks we haven’t covered.

Our Simplex range of vinyl flooring offers a wide catalogue of different styles – why don’t take a look for yourself? To make things better, all our Simplex vinyl flooring comes with a 10-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

If you’re still having doubts about what kind of vinyl flooring is best for you, contact our expert team.

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