The Pros & Cons of Cheap Wet Wall Panels
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The Pros & Cons of Cheap Wet Wall Panels

Wet wall panels are a great way to renovate your bathroom without the hassle of tiling. While they’re naturally cost-effective, many people look to save even more on the job with cheap wet wall panels.

Good idea? Or something you’ll regret? In this post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of cheap options and determine the best wet wall panels for your home or commercial property.

Pro – A cheap price

As the name suggests, cheap wet wall panels are certainly cheaper than their high-end counterparts. The obvious benefit here is that you will save money right now. That makes it more affordable to renovate your bathroom in the short term.

Con – Cheap performance

Unfortunately, that cut in price comes at a cost to the performance. Cheap wet wall panels are unlikely to be as hard-wearing as top-quality panels. They’ll get damaged by knocks and bumps leaving your bathroom looking tired and worn. In some cases, they won’t even protect your wall from the splashes and spills in your bathroom, leaving damp to develop underneath the panels.

Con – Cheap appearance

Cheap wet wall panels might look the part from afar, or on nicely doctored product images. That’s not the case up close. Anyone using your bathroom – whether it’s customers, guests or just you and your family – will be able to tell the difference between good wet wall panels and their cheap counterparts.

Con – Poor installation

The best wet wall panels have been designed with ease-of-use in mind. They come with clear instructions and can be fit over existing tiles to save you time and effort. Cheap panels, on the other hand, will often leave you to fend for yourself with a lack of instructions and no idea about best practice.

Con – False economy

With the tacky appearance, sub-rate performance and imperfect installation, it’s only a matter of time before you decide to replace your cheap wet wall panels. If you stick to your guns with the cheap option, that means forking out again and again for more of the same. It’s not long before your initial cost-saving has vanished.

In contrast, high-quality wet wall panels give you years of style and function. Over time, they work out as a more cost-effective option, making cheap wet wall panels actually more expensive in the long run.

Top quality wet wall panels

The saying goes “buy cheap, buy twice.” That’s certainly the case for wet wall panels. At Igloo Surfaces, we specialise in long-lasting quality over a race to the bottom when it comes to your walls.

Our bathroom and shower wall panels are stylish, hard-wearing and easy to install. Available in a range of colours and finishes, our wet wall panels even come with a 10- to 20-year guarantee. That means you can rest assured you’ll be getting plenty of use from your investment.

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